Authentic Garifuna Signature Activities

Authentic Garifuna Signature Activities

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Garifuna Dancing Lessons

The perfect way to dive into local culture is by immersing yourself into it!

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Garifuna Drumming Lessons

Learn to play Garifuna drums on this tour.

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Garifuna Spiritual Drum Circle

The Garifuna spirituality and religion are a unique blend of the rituals and beliefs of Arawak...

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Garifuna Drumming on the Freshwater Bioluminescence

Enjoy the sound and rhythms of Garifuna drumming while you stargaze at the Belizean...

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Garifuna Cassava Baking Adventure

On this tour you will learn how about Cassava, an important staple of the Garifuna diet.

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Garifuna Cultural and Culinary Tour

The Garifuna people of Belize are a people descended from a mixture of African slaves...

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